About My Reviews

I know some of you hate it just as much as I do: you start a book that you’re really excited to read, and then it starts…the swearing, the eyebrow-raising sexytimes, the crazy gore, and you find yourself thinking, “WHY can’t someone just tell me up-front this is coming?”

That’s why I’m here. 🙂

I know it’s not an issue for everyone, but I’m the kind of reader who could really do without all the R-rated stuff that happens in a lot of books. I love a good story, and I want to be up on all the latest exciting reads as much as the next girl! I won’t, however, compromise my standards about what goes in my brain to do it!

My Ratings Scale and Tags: 


For searchability, I tag my reviews language-alert if there’s more than PG-level swearing (see over there on the left in the tag cloud?), and cover-your-eyes if it’s sexually graphic. I’m not a prude. I have four kids! But here’s my rule: if I wouldn’t watch my neighbors doing what’s written without feeling like a creeper, it’s worth noting.

The tag clean-read it means I found the book completely unobjectionable. I let you know what I find, because I always wish someone had told me. If it’s bad enough, I’ll put the book down, and I’ll mention that, too. “The DNF List” page, up there at the top, gives a quick picture of any book I set aside, and why I felt like it wasn’t for me.  If a book would be rated R (or worse), that’s usually grounds to DNF it, but sometimes the writing’s just not working for me. I’ll always give you my reasons.

The site is fully searchable by title, author, or keyword. You can also find books categorized by my star rating, or tagged by genre. Enjoy, and happy reading!