Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I’ve been finished with Allegiant for three or four days, now, and I still have no idea what to write. So…here are my jumbled thoughts?

  1. Roth is an exceptional writer. She’s one of the strongest recommendations for this series (and there are many), and considering that she got her start so relatively young, I cannot wait to see what she produces next. She’s deft, with excellent range, and keeps her readers glued to the story from start to finish.
  2. What. The. …? There are a couple of moments in this book that made me just sit and stare off into space and just…process. I could not believe what was happening was happening. Oh, my.
  3. These are still the characters we love, and they develop and grow in great, dynamic ways. There’s a lot of plot here, too. I was thrilled, halfway through, to find I was only halfway through. I felt like I’d been flying through the book, but there was still lots more to chew through. Nothing better than actually having real substance in a series finale, and not just a slapdash wrapper-upper.
  4. The pacing of the ending was really lovely. The last few chapters are unexpected, but written delicately and beautifully.
  5. All of you, please read this so we can talk about WHAT HAPPENS.

Hopefully I’m not being so vague that all of my thoughts are useless. The book has only been out for a week, now, and I hate writing reviews that are spoiler-y. I think anyone who’s read it will know exactly what I’m talking about, though. And if you haven’t read it, I’d still encourage you to! And then, go read this post on author Veronica Roth’s blog. I thought it was helpful, after the fact (thanks, Jen, for pointing me in that direction!).

And…if you need therapy, I’m here! lol.

Clean, language-wise. Dystopian-style violence and mention of YA sex, but only make-out details. 4 stars.

4 Stars

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