Asunder by Jodi Meadows

I heart these books. I never would have discovered Jodi Meadows if it hadn’t been for the blogging community on Twitter, and thank goodness for it! I really can’t say enough lovely things about Jodi’s writing. After starting a series of books I didn’t finish, recently, what a joy it was to pick up Asunder and be swept away by its melodic prose. It seems trite to speak of the writing in these books having musical qualities; music is such a large part of the plot, and one does try to stretch in one’s ability to describe literature, but every time I crack open a book in this series, the sheer musicality of the work hits me. There’s a certain sibilance to Meadows’ word choices, the cadences of the phrases, and the rhythm the sentences make. I’m not sure whether it’s purposeful, or whether Jodi just has music in her soul, but something about it is soothing, for me. I know I have a little music in mine.

In any event, I so deeply enjoy this story. Ana’s a thoughtful and conflicted heroine. She’s unsure of her future and her fate–both strong and vulnerable, brave and uncertain. I love her for her complexity, and for her willingness to admit when she’s not sure what’s next, and then take a small step forward anyway. Her ability to trust when so many around her have proven untrustworthy is endearing.And Sam? Oh, what is there to say about Sam that hasn’t already been said? He’s just pretty much fabulous.

I really enjoyed getting to know Cris in this installment. I wasn’t quite sure where things were going with him, and I’m still not certain I understood how things were resolved with him, emotionally. I felt like things might be headed that direction, but they didn’t quite get there until it was so late that it seemed a little abrupt. In a book that’s otherwise so fantastic about letting us understand the psychology and motivation of its characters, that seemed a little odd. I did like the ultimate ending in that scene, though, and thought it was an interesting way to open up more questions just as some were finally being answered.

In all, I really enjoyed Asunder. Meadows writes them clean, and I can really just sink in and enjoy ‘em. 4 stars, and I’m planning on reading Infinite before the month is up!

4 Stars

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