Boundless by Cynthia Hand

Boundless, like the rest of its series, took me a little by surprise. I started reading the Unearthly trilogy about four months ago, when I was down with ankle surgery. A good friend lent me the first two books with a little shrug, telling me that it was OK if I didn’t like them, and she knew they were a little cheesy. Meh, I thought, who doesn’t like a little cheese? I expected to be pretty grogged out on opiates, anyway, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Mostly, I was just grateful to have a friend who would bring me books!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t initially impressed with the concept of Hand’s trilogy–it seemed a little silly, and I had a difficult time suspending disbelief. At first. Hand’s second book, Hallowed, threw me, completely. Her ability to write about deeply emotional, complex subjects impressed me, and the deep themes of the book entirely overwhelmed any lingering concerns I might have had about the superficial plotline. Hand managed to wind the two around each other beautifully. In fact, when she came here to Boise, I purchased a copy of the second book for her to sign–that’s the one had I planned to read again.

So I was most surprised to find the third book to be the best of the trilogy. Well executed, well-rounded, and not irritatingly predictable, as most third books are. Boundless didn’t feel at all rushed, or leap to odd plot points–Hand took her time and fleshed out her story, not just finishing it, but adding some lovely flourishes to give the characters life. I loved it wholly and will read it again someday.

5 stars.

5 Stars

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