Catching Air by Sarah Pekkannen

A complimentary advanced reader copy of this book was provided by Atria Books in exchange for an honest review. (Thank you!) My review was in no way influenced by this consideration.

Catching Air is a nice little vacation escape of a read. Kira and her husband Peter set off from their high-stress jobs in Florida to try their hands at running a bed & breakfast with Peter’s brother, Rand, and his wife, Alyssa. None of them has done anything quite like it before, but they each bring their separate talents–and baggage–to the adventure.

The story, though it could be fraught with melodrama and bickering, is really one of four fairly well-adjusted adults learning to work through their problems like grown-ups and succeed at something new. I fear I’ve just managed to make it sound supremely uninteresting, but rest assured, Pekkannen is far better at this than I am! Catching Air is a light, lovely little novel, and a perfect summer read. It’s filled with vibrant characters, realistic and relatable situations, and a setting that makes you feel like you’re on vacation the entire time you’re reading. It was truly a joy to return to each afternoon, and I found I missed Kira and Alyssa after I had finished it.

Pekkannen’s writing may not be entirely flawless; there were a couple of place where I felt like the plot shifts could have been a bit more smooth, or things could have been more strongly developed, but I’m really not going to be terribly nit-picky, here. It was just plain refreshing to read a book that was able to tackle some fairly difficult real-life problems, but also convey that, with a little work and trust, things generally work out alright.

A couple of profanities; otherwise delightfully clean. 3.5 stars. Catching Air is on shelves now!

3.5 Stars

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