Die for Me by Amy Plum

So, I’ll be honest–I originally downloaded Die for Me because it was cheap. I didn’t even look at the premise, initially, but if I had, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. Don’t go look at Goodreads. Just don’t. YOU DID, DIDN’T YOU?? Yeah, it says zombies. Zombie love. That sounds SO MORONIC. Please to let me explain.

The Revenants (zombies) are not zombies, but a lovely group of people who happened to sacrifice their lives on behalf of others. Because they were so self-sacrificing (and a bunch of other paranormal reasons no one understands), they come back to life, all so they can perform these heroic acts of service again. It’s their duty. Sounds…not so creepy, right? Then one them falls in love with Kate, a human. He’s very sweet and they’re very sweet, but his life is dangerous, and voila! Le plot! (See what I did there? They’re in Paris.) And NO ONE IS A ZOMBIE.

Anyway. I just kind of fell into this one after reading the sample, since it was so much better written than the last two I read. It’s a romance, no doubt about it, but it’s not irritating in its cheesiness. And it’s totally clean. So there. Zombie love forever.

3 stars.

3 Stars

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