Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

I’m not sure I ever would have picked up the Everneath books if it hadn’t been for Brodi Ashton, herself. I went to a book signing for Cynthia Hand back in 2011, not realizing that Brodi was with her. I’d never heard of Brodi Ashton before, but after hearing her talk and answer questions, I was totally sold–not just on the books, but on her, as a person. She’s so funny and down-to-earth, and I’m pretty sure I’d love to have her be my neighbor. So OBVIOUSLY, I had to buy a book!

I’ve been just as pleased with the Everneath series as I was listening to Brodi. The books, though, are not funny, blond, and cheerful. They’re somewhat dark, brooding, and swoony–but they’re fun, for all that. Based on Greek mythology about the underworld with a bit of a twist, the series is ultimately a love story, the story of Nikki and Jack.

In Evertrue, we rejoin Nikki and Jack as they fight to regain her humanity. She’s had it stolen, so to speak, by Cole, an Everliving from the underworld (or Everneath). It’s a race to the end, full of adventure, and it’s a bit less dark than the first two books. I enjoyed the return to these characters, and the plot was fun to follow. I did, though, feel like a bit of the deep emotional connection between Nikki and Jack was missing. We usually get a lot of romance between the two of them, and it was mostly absent here. At the same time, though, they were pretty busy running around and racing against time, so it is what it is, maybe? I did, however, love amnesia-Cole. It was fun to get to know him better through this convention, and his personality shift was kind of a kick in the pants.

All in all, Evertrue is a fun read, and an enjoyable finish to the series, which I definitely recommend. Some mild language, otherwise clean. 3.5 stars for this book, leaning heavily on 4.

3.5 Stars

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