Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Initially, I really disliked Flipped. I had a hard time getting used to Bryce’s voice (irritated. Short-tempered. Immature.) and put it in time out on the nightstand for a couple of evenings. I found, though, that I had to find out what happened to Juli, and so I went back.

Van Draanen has a clear ability to give characters their own, clear, voices, and I noted a clear shift in Bryce and Juli’s maturity levels as the book went on. That’s perhaps an impressive ability–I’m not sure it’s something I could do. (Wait: let’s be honest. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t ever write a novel, since I have nary a creative writing bone in my body. But anyway.) I got into the rhythm of Van Draanen’s writing easily once I picked Flipped back up, and I found I enjoyed the story quite a lot. Bryce’s grandfather and mother and Juli’s father were particular high points.

If anything, I thought it was a little short. 4 stars.

4 Stars

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