I’m so excited to be featuring Tumblr blogger Jamie from Belle333Black today! Jamie is a super-awesome book nerd (her blog is like a black hole of fun, people–you want ideas for what to watch, read, ship–she’s got recs for ALLLL of it!) just like the rest of us, but she’s also crazy talented in a way I could never, ever be, and I’m so excited to share her awesomeness with you!

Everybody, say hi to Jamie!

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Okay, so my hobby is kind of a weird one: vidding. It ties together with my other hobby which is watching TV shows. And I’m not talking about 2 or 3 shows here, more like 45 (and that’s just the ones that are still on the air).

So for those of you who don’t know what vidding is (which I assume is most of you): vidding is making fan videos of shows, movies or anything else I can think of. Making a 1-minute video can take me from 1 day to 1 week. Anything longer than that can take up to a month, depending on how inspired I am. I started exactly 3 years ago (sept 19th 2011).


The reason I started was because I saw someone else’s videos and said “I want to be able to do that too”. There’s a whole community of us on YouTube. We hold contest and collaborations, basically inspire each other. What I love most about it is seeing something I envisioned come to life. When I hear a song, one of the first things I think is “How could I use this in a video”. The best moments are when I get that click, get an idea and become so inspired that I have to start right away. Hours can fly by without even noticing.

So, confession, I have absolutely no idea what it takes to cut together video like this, but reading the comments on her YouTube page is a bit of an education in how much work it must take. All I know is it looks crazy intense, and Jamie’s editing seems pretty flawless to me!

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Jen: What are you reading right now?

Jamie: I’m currently reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I can’t believe I waited this long. So far it’s definitely living up to my expectations.

Jen: If you could only recommend two books to everyone, what would they be?

Jamie: This is a tough question. I would recommend The One by Kiera Cass (that way you also have to read the first two books). I’m so in love with this book series. I could not put it down. The second book I would recommend is Harry Potter. I know that most people have already read them but I’ve noticed (at least in my circle) that people consider them purely for children. I recently re-read them (for the first time in English) and fell in love with them all over again, even more than when I read them as a child.

Jen: If there’s one other thing you could do with your free time that you can’t yet, what would it be?

Jamie: Relax perhaps. I finally have a short 3 week break from school and it’s overshadowed by the waiting for my exam results and the quickly approaching new school year.

Love those book recs–I absolutely must read The Selection series!

vector set: calligraphic design vintage elements and page decora

Thanks so much to Jamie for sharing her awesome talents with us! You can find her and more of her vidding and great book, movie, and TV recs here:

Tumblr: Belle333Black
Twitter: @JamieCxx
Goodreads: Jamie
YouTube channel: Belle333Black

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