This week, Michelle from Roaring Out is joining us! I “met” Michelle through the Twitter blogosphere, and her blog is really fabulous and different and very much her own, which is why I love it! She features librarians, artists, poetry, and updates on what’s going on in her life. When you’re done reading her guest post, here, go check it out!

Everybody, say hi to Michelle!



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I picked up photography in college, probably around my sophomore or junior year. I really enjoyed taking pictures of my friends. For a while, I was the group photographer, documenting all our adventures! I had so much fun posing my friends. Around senior year and soon after college, my two best friends and I were really into photography and conducted our own photo shoots.



>After that time, I continued with photography and even took a class or two for fun. What drew me to it initially were my friends. What kept (and keeps!) me going back is the fact that it’s so portable. I don’t have to take tons of supplies. Really, all I need is my phone. In addition, I can decide how much time to spend on it and still get a “finished” product. I love other types of art, such as collage and painting, but it takes a certain amount of time to get close to a finished piece (at least for me!) But with photography, I can go outside for five minutes and snap a few cool photos.This totally fits into my busy life!


Over the years, I’ve done shoots for people, hoping to make photography more of a career. I’ve done shoots for bands and artist friends of mine. I also opened an Etsy shop where prints of my work are available. That’s still open, and I add prints when I can. While I don’t necessarily want to make a living off of photography anymore, I still love it because it’s so satisfying to me when I take a great shot. I can take 100 pictures in a day, but if I get one shot I’m super proud of, it’s all worth it. I also love that photography is, essentially, free. Sure I spent a few hundred dollars on a good lens, but you don’t have to do that. You can take photos with your phone. I have a friend that rebuilt an older camera and takes tin type photos. There are so many possibilities. I also love that there are so many genres of photography that one can dabble in. As you can see, I just love keeping my options open :)


How gorgeous are these shots, and how amazing is Michelle? I’m inspired to dig out my DSLR and figure out what it really does, now!

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Jen: What are you reading right now?

Michelle: Right now, I’m reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks via audiobook. It’s so interesting! Apparently, there were cancer cells taken from this woman in the 50s that are still alive and used in experiments today. These cells helped make quite a few advances in science, particularly with cell culture. I’m not usually into science, but I find this book fascinating, particularly because it tells the story of the cells along with the story of the woman herself. I love social history!

Jen: If you could only recommend two books to everyone, what would they be?

Michelle: Oh gosh, that’s tough! I love poetry, and if you’re not a poetry lover but want to dabble in reading it, I’d suggest Matthew Dickman’s All American Poem. For fiction, I definitely recommend The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. It’s both whimsical and mature. I read it in June, and there are scenes I still think about! Truly a magical read.

Jen: If there’s one other thing you could do with your free time that you can’t yet, what would it be?

Michelle: I’d love to rent a cabin in the woods and write! I can’t quite take that kind of time off yet, but it’s definitely a dream of mine. To wake up with the sun, go for a walk along the lake, then come back to my typewriter (which I don’t have in real life, but I do in my daydreams) and write whatever my heart desires is heaven for me.

That sounds like the most lovely getaway ever!

vector set: calligraphic design vintage elements and page decora

Thanks so much to Michelle for sharing her amazing photography with us! You can find her and more of her talent here:

Blog: Roaring Out
Twitter: @roaringout
Instagram: @roaringout
Flickr: Michelle
Etsy: Lady Velociraptor
Facebook: Lady Velociraptor


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