If I Should Die by Amy Plum

If I Should Die is a sneaker of a book.

Firstly, let me just say that I had to wait TWO MONTHS to read it after I put it on hold at the library, because it was that popular. I just finally got my hands on it last week! Anyway.

I got a kick out of reading Amy Plum’s first two Revenants novels, though I have to admit, I definitely thought of them as cupcake reading–light, fluffy, indulgent, and maybe a little girly. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…!) I love cupcakes, and sometimes cupcake reading is exactly what I’m after. I just like to know what I’m getting. And hey, this way it’s fat-free!

If I Should Die started off very much the same way: a romance-heavy plot, nothing too terribly complex emotionally, and maybe a little predictable (uhhh…Vincent can’t really be dead forever, right?). And then WHAMMO. This thing shifted gears and developed into a whole new kind of novel, and I loved it. Without giving away plot, let me just say that it reminded me of a Dan Brown/National Treasure type artifact race combined with the crazy climactic battle against evil that Twilight never had. It was full of great imagery, vivid settings, and all kinds of lasting impact. I was particularly fond of new character Theo Gold.

I do wish we’d gotten a little more focus on Jules, but overall, I was left with a great impression of this book. A couple of scenes, in particular, have really stayed with me after more than a week. Usually, that means I’ll end up going back in a few years and re-reading, because I enjoyed it that much. Well done, Amy Plum!

No language! One clear nod to teenage sex, but no details. 4 stars.

4 Stars

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