Hi, friends!


Reading Compulsion earlier this week.

A week may not be long to be offline in the “normal” world, but when it comes to blogging, it’s an age, and as each day passes without a post or review or an update, I’m keenly aware that my blog is getting lonelier and more quiet.

So: what’s going on with me? The biggest news is that I’m now the president of the children’s organization at church (we call it the Primary). Basically, I’m in charge of the kids’ Sunday School, which runs for two hours, and in our specific area, encompasses about 130 children. I’m also the one people report to about Cub Scouts, something similar we do for girls called Activity Days, the nursery for babies, and a whole raft of other things that happen both on Sundays and during the week. It’s SO FUN, but omgosh, I feel like my lazy little life exploded! Something had to give, and posting has been it.

(Let’s be honest–for a few weeks, everything went out the window, and I basically just stressed out and made Excel charts. Ha!)

Anyway. I’m still reading, though it takes me about a week to finish a book, these days, instead of my old average of a day or two. I still try to keep my Goodreads status updated, and post a few thoughts and a star rating there so I can remember what I thought later on. There will still be lots of bookish photos on Instagram, I’m also *really* going to try and review some books, here, when things calm down a bit more and I can figure out how to balance my new responsibilities, my family and all their activities, squeezing in a workout or two, and blogging! For now, the radio silence may continue. You might just find me on Twitter, from time to time, when I’m ignoring something else I should be organizing, and you can always email me or leave a comment–I promise to respond!

Thanks for being my friends and readers. Hope everyone is doing well!



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