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I’ve been trying to write this review of Infinite, now, for three days, and I just can’t seem to get started. For me, that’s a sign of MAJOR book hangover–I’m just still so stuck in the world of the book that I can’t even process how I felt about it. Can I just post


and call it good?

Ha. You guys know me better than that.

Infinite picks up right where Asunder left off–which I don’t want to spoil, but things are not good for Ana, and her world’s been thrown into in chaos. I love, though, that the book starts with a bit of a pause; Meadows allows us to catch our collective breath and remember just why we love these books: namely, Ana and Sam. Their romance continues to be tender, vulnerable, and intimate, and the honesty with which their interactions are treated is one of my favorite points of the entire series. Ana and Sam are a real couple who have disagreements and tension and insecurities, but who work through them without ALL THE DRAMA. Real, functional couples work that way, and I appreciate seeing a perfectly imperfect relationship portrayed so beautifully on the page. (*sigh.*)

Infinite is filled with plenty of action, though–far more, here, than either of the first two books, if you can believe it, as well as even greater content for fantasy-lovers. Again, though, Meadows manages to write it in a way that didn’t turn off this fantasy-shy reader, so don’t be scared away by the idea of mythical creatures. The highlights of this book and saga are the relationships, and the deep connection we, as readers, feel with the characters, and so what, in all that, are a few sylphs and dragons? Really, it’s a testament to Meadows’ skill as a writer that the fantastical elements don’t feel over-the-top, and I’m leaving the series feeling grateful to her for introducing me to an entire genre I had basically written off.

Again, Infinite is filled with beautiful imagery, particularly relating to settings and music (oh, the musical descriptions in this series!). The descriptions of the small moments, the passing thoughts, and the body language between characters are my most savored bits, as a reader, and these books are filled with them. Honestly, I can’t say enough positive things about the series, and because of the way this book culminated (I cried!), I love Infinite most of the three books. Let me state here and now that I’m officially a Jodi Meadows fangirl, and I will read absolutely everything she writes!

100% clean, with some really great, tense kissing scenes, and did I mention that I teared up at the end? 5 stars. Love.

5 Stars

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