Life after Theft by Aprilynne Pike

I hate it when I really want to like a book, and I just can’t. Life After Theft seems to be well-liked over on Goodreads. I just gave it kind of a “meh,” originally, and I wasn’t really sure why. Then I found myself talking books with my mom and heard myself saying, “Yeah, I just finished something this week. It was stupid. And I kept reading it, hoping maybe it’d get better after the first few pages, but nope! It just kept being …stupid.”

No, but seriously, I didn’t hate this book. It wasn’t terrible. It was just kind of blah. The plot seems like it has potential, but doesn’t go much of anywhere. No one really develops. Jeff does exactly what he sets out to do from the beginning, with no real conflict. Sera is interesting-ish, but the rest of characters are stock and blah, and most of their dialogue is fairly grating. But I kept reading. I guess it had a mildly entertaining quality.

The thing that totally bewilders me is that Pike seems to be so passionate about this novel. The acknowledgements were filled with gratitude for people who stuck by her when she had to fight so hard for this book. I read that and could only think that if that much passion had been expressed through her characters, I’d have been way more engaged. I am curious to find out what Pike’s other novels are all about, so there’s that. 2 stars.

2 Stars

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