Oh, July, where have you gone? July is always such a happy month–right in the middle of lazy summer, and full of time for reading, swimming at Grandma’s pool, ice cream stops, and playing outside with my kids. It’s one of my favorite months of the year!

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Books I Reviewed: 

Holy smokes, it was a great month for books! I usually have a few I don’t enjoy, but clearly, my reading reflects the fact that I’m getting better recommendations from my blogger friends, and that I’m a little more free with DNFs lately. If it’s not grabbing me, I might as well move on to a book I’ll enjoy and can recommend to my friends, right? I only had one DNF this month, though, so it was a genuinely excellent month for reading.

Chatty, Fun Posts: 

It’s been such a fun, busy month on the blog!

Blog Stats:

Almost 500 of you came to visit this month! I’m so glad you did–I love having every one of you, and I love it so much when you comment! Keep it up–let’s chat. 🙂

I always get a kick out of checking to see how people ended up here on the blog. Wanna see?


  • People are actually searching for me! Woot!
  • Sexual content of never let me go? I don’t honestly remember…. I think there is some?
  • Oh, hey, Dark Days is popular!
  • Does Ana become pregnant?! I guess you’ll have to read it to find out! Heeheehee. 🙂

What happened off the blog? 

Not a whole lot, which is exactly how I love my summers. We went swimming once or twice  a week. Fireworks on the 4th of July. We found a new place for snowcones with the really good shaved ice, which is our new summer obsession. I canned some strawberry jam  for the school year, and we celebrated my birthday. OH, and I ran for YA Runs a 5k! So much fun!

 How’s your summer going? I hope you enjoyed July as much as I did. Any fun plans for August? 

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