Yayyy it’s December! I know everyone says it, but this really is my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving is the holiday that’s dearest to my heart: no real commercialism–just family, a good meal, feeling grateful for what we have, and time together. Um, and did I mention pie? I have a thing for pie.


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Of the three, I enjoyed Above Us the most, though I’d recommend Every Morning as well. It’s a novella, so it’s quick! I also had three DNFs this month.

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That list of ten is a good one if you’re looking for a book that’ll make your day happier. I highly recommend it. On a personal note, I’m so pleased to be posting and reviewing here again, and thrilled you’re all here with me. Thanks, everyone!

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I always enjoy seeing how some of you end up here. Wanna see what everyone’s searching for to get here?


I love that Rediscovered Bookshop is there. There are some great book titles and authors, too! I’m not sure what to say about Elizabeth Feffer or the general of Jhansi, though. LOL.

What happened off the blog?

This month has been jam-packed. My kids are getting so big, and I spend most of my time these days just trying to keep up with them! On the weekends, we’ve been working on turning our shed into a playhouse for the kids. It’s slow going, but I’m hoping to have it nearly finished in time for Christmas. The boys went on a scout campout. We had our first holiday hot chocolate. We decided to have a kids’ Christmas tree this year, and they spent a couple of weekends making all the decorations for it and then putting it up. We had cousins here for Thanksgiving, and got to go ice skating together. And of course, there was lots and lots and LOTS of pie. 🙂

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