OK, let’s be honest: I’m going to say this every month, but HOW THE HECK is it October?! I seriously got blindsided by it this month. I looked at the calendar on my fridge on September 30th and couldn’t even deal. I missed the first day of fall (to be fair, it was not cool weather yet, here) and I just barely managed to realize I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes. P.S., they’re going to be awwwweesome this year!


Anna costume in the works!

Books I Reviewed:

I’ve actually read way more books than I reviewed in September! That list looks so short, but it’s because I got so far behind. (Boo!) Between my husband going out of town for a week, and some other things that made life crazy, I got totally backed up. I’m hoping to catch up at some point, but it may be a while? Eek. That said, I did have some fabulous reads. I recommend Words and Their Meanings and Vault of Dreamers so highly, and there are plenty others there I enjoyed. There will be reviews of The Chapel Wars and Tabula Rasa coming soon, too!

Chatty, Fun Posts:

This month I started Free Time Fridays with Kristina, Lindsay, Jamie, and Jessie, which I’m absolutely loving. Seeing what other blogger friends do in their spare time is such a blast for me, and I hope you’re enjoying it, too! It’ll continue into October and November, at least (sign-ups are ongoing here).

Popular Reviews:

Popular Posts:

Blog Searches:

I always get a kick out of checking to see how people ended up here on the blog. Wanna see?


I love it so much that you guys are finding me by searching for authors I love! Andie Mitchell! Michelle Moran! Holly Goldberg Sloan! And big yays for local author Sarah Tregay and Love and Leftovers! (No free version here, though.) I’ll be reviewing Andie’s book in a couple of months, and Vanessa and Her Sister will be coming soon, too. So much to look forward to!

What happened off the blog? 

You guys! My big kids went back to school (MIDDLE SCHOOL OMGOSH) and my little ones started preschool. My teeny girl started ballet and tap class, and I get some prime reading time in while we wait for her. The afternoons are still nice enough for me to read out on the porch, too (while my little guy picks “flowers”)! My oldest finally got his pinky cast off. We got the last spoils from my backyard garden. We took one last, glorious trip to the beach, and a few jaunts over to the parks near us. I got a fabulous package from my OTSP Secret Sister (including one of the most coveted bookmarks ever), and my quest for French macarons finally ended. WORTH IT.

Oh, um, and there might have been some shoe shopping. OK, a LOT of shoe shopping….

Things have been really busy the last couple of weeks, and I know my blog has been quiet. It’s likely to be a little spotty for the next couple of weeks, but I’m definitely still reading, and trying to find time to write up and post reviews, here and there! I might get quiet, but I’m not going anywhere. :)

Happy October, everyone! How’s your fall going?

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