It’s official: as of today, I’ve been married to this guy for 13 years.


I’m not a suspicious person, generally, but I kind of feel like 13’s always been my lucky number. I think this might be our best year yet, honey!

In honor of our anniversary, I thought I’d go back to see what was on the bestseller list on the day we got married. Turns out that one of my very favorite series by one of my favorite authors was there: Big Stone Gap!


Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani


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Adriana Trigiani is a master of the colorful character–her novels are filled with people who are larger than life, and whom we hate to close the cover upon. Their stories are addictive and charming; Thank goodness Big Stone Gap is a series, so we get to come back to Ana Maria and her friends over and over, and find out how things are progressing in their lives.

Trigiani grew up in Big Stone Gap, and so it’s no wonder she’s made it such a homey and comforting environment. (And, hello, the place has a BOOKMOBILE, so it must be awesome!) Big Stone Gap is funny, heartwarming, and sometimes tender, but Trigiani manages to pull it all off without being overly sappy. The uniqueness of her characters and bite of their humor keeps things fresh, and moves the story along quickly. It’s difficult, though, not to be sucked into the romance, which is lovely, and Jack is a warm, stable, masculine romantic lead.

If you haven’t read any Trigiani before (and even if you have!) I recommend giving Big Stone Gap a try! I enjoyed the entire series, and pretty much everything else she’s ever written.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read these, but I don’t recall anything in them that concerned me, content-wise. 4 stars!

First Line: “This will be a good weekend for reading.”


4 Stars

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