Partials by Dan Wells

I’ve been struggling with how I feel about Partials. I want to like it? I kinda like it? I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy reading Partials–it wasn’t a chore, but it wasn’t a book I found myself in a hurry to get back to whenever I had free time. I can’t quite figure out why. The plot was interesting, and the characters likeable. I guess I feel like it had so much potential…and then it lost me. I wanted more character development and relationships. The pieces of the book that were the most interesting to me were the few times when they were able to relax and interact, and we got some hints about who these people actually were. Other than that, it was all plotplotplotactionaction (or worse, planningplanningplanning–eep!) without having any reason to care about what happened to anyone.

Now maybe I remember why I don’t read much sci-fi. 😉

2 stars.

2 Stars

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