Truth? I was a little disappointed by Perfect Lies. I loved Mind Games, the first book in this duo. I love these characters, Fia and Annie, and the sisterhood they share. I love their connection to each other, and the way they keep each other sane and moving forward in impossible situations. I adore the premise of the books: the school full of girls with supernatural gifts being used for ill, against their will; two girls on the run for survival; but mostly, James and Fia. And I think that’s why I was so frustrated with this book.

Perfect Lies picks back up with Annie, who’s hiding out with the Landers group, and Fia, who’s working with James to destroy Keane and his organization. The plot, itself, is so fun, and I love how White writes these books not just in shifting perspective, but shifting time periods. I really enjoy not knowing how it’s all going to come down until the very end, and the suspense/thriller aspect of the book was really well written. Annie’s character develops by leaps and bounds in Perfect Lies, and I was delighted by getting to know her better. Mae was fabulous. Fia and James, though, were lacking altogether.

The chapters told from Fia’s perspective did a lot to forward the plot, but she spent most of the book feeling totally confused: about why her ability seemed hazy, what her part should be in her scheme with James, and how he felt about her. That, I felt, was never really resolved at all. Fia seems unable to trust herself, anymore, but we never really get a good explanation why. She’s unsure of her relationship with James, and I have to admit, I was too. Even by the end of the book, I had no idea what James’ role or intentions really were, exactly. He seemed to exist only to further the plot, and we never got any real sense of his true feelings about much of anything. James was such a dynamic character in Mind Games that it was disappointing not to feel his charismatic presence here, or to get any sense of a real connection between him and Fia. As much as I loved Annie’s story, I wanted Fia’s to be every bit as strong, and it just wasn’t.

White writes a clean book, and a fun plot. I burned through Perfect Lies pretty quickly and enjoyed it–I just came away wishing for more. 3.5 stars.

3.5 Stars

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