Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point is the perfect example of a strong debut novel. I heard about this one via Goodreads, and I wasn’t really sure what I was in for. West has managed to create a story that’s not quite like anything I’ve read before: Addie’s parents are getting divorced, and she has to choose between them. Sounds normal, right? Except Addie has an ability. She can take any decision in her life and play out her own possible futures, seeing the outcome of both sides. It can help make some decisions easier, but it can also be a burden: she can’t un-see the things she’s foreseen, even if she doesn’t choose them. It changes her feelings toward people sometimes, and can complicate her life in unexpected ways.

It’s a cool premise. It could be a hot mess, but West plays it out fabulously, in alternating chapters that both clarify and obscure at once. The ending is a total unknown until it happens. I loved it to bits, and I’m dying for West’s other novel to get off my library’s wait list.

4.5 stars.

4.5 Stars

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