Review Policy

I’m currently accepting review requests in exchange for an unbiased review of the material. Requests from authors, publishers, and their representatives are always welcome. I read and enjoy a wide variety of fiction genres for adults, YA, and middle-graders. I also review the occasional biography or work of nonfiction. Both print ARCs and e-galleys are accepted.

My preferred genres are:

Women’s fiction
Literary fiction
Historical fiction
YA contemporary
YA sci-fi
YA dystopian
YA paranormal romance
YA post-apocalyptic/survival
YA mystery/thriller

I do not read/finish books that would receive an R-rating (or higher)
. If a book is full of coarse language, extreme gore, or graphic sexuality, it’s just not for me. 🙂 I do not accept requests for self-published novels. I reserve the right to accept or decline requests on a case-by-case basis.

I review every book I read, and attempt to post reviews within a week of a book’s publish date, stretching no longer than a month after release when things are really busy. Reviews include a star rating based on overall impression and a thoughtful, analytical review. I cross-post to Goodreads and publicize via Twitter and my Facebook page. I try to update Amazon and B&N when I have time.

I love to host giveaways and author interviews! Blog tour requests are always welcome.

Please submit any requests via Thanks!