Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Dear hormones:

Remember when we were frustrated with that one other series we were reading, because we thought that evil bad guy was really kind of sexy, and then all the chemistry dried up and the character wasn’t nearly so interesting anymore?

Yeah, I found you the answer to that.

(Ohhh my gooooosh!) Ahem.

Shadow and Bone is completely unlike any book I’ve ever read, ever. Which, considering a lifetime of reading and my not-so-shabby 70 or so books a year, is a dang lot of books. I went into it not knowing a whole lot about what I’d be reading, other than that it seemed like every one of my blogger friends was over the moon about the series, and that’s unusual–there’s generally some dissent in the ranks. I think it’s worth going in fairly blind, though, and being allowed to enjoy the delight and wonder of discovery as the story unfolds.

And then takes over your life and keeps you from managing to leave your couch for anything but the occasional life-sustaining snack.

I will say this: there’s a boy and a girl. They live in Russia. They are orphans. And they have no idea how their lives are about to change. The rest, I will leave to you to find out. But this is some of the most engaging writing I’ve come across in a long time (and, hello, I’ve loved the last several books I read!) The characters are dynamic and sharp and aggravatingly real–the kind of people who burrow underneath your skin and stay there. The plot is explosive; filled with action and emotion and love and betrayal. I had several “Aaaah what is going on?!? This is awesome!” moments, and when it was over, it was all I could do to get up and eat dinner before I started the second book (oops, goodbye reading schedule!). This is the kind of book that will make you wonder where on earth you have been since it was published, and so glad you finally found it. Thank goodness they’ve all been published, now, because I’m just going to binge-read the entire Grisha series. #alllthegrishasss

Totally clean, and basically made my mind explode. 5+ stars, which isn’t even a thing.

5 Stars

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