Split Second by Kasie West

So, you know how sometimes you read a book, or even a few books by a certain author, and suddenly you become a complete and total evangelist for that person? Yeah…I’m a Kasie West pusher. I’m pretty sure that just about everyone I meet must read her books, and that they will fall 100% IN LOVE with them. And if you look at the reviews on GoodReads, etc., I think mayyyybe I’m not wrong! Pretty much all of them go like this:

“OMGOSH! I am convinced that Kasie West is writing books just for me because they are so awesome and I love them so so so much!!”

Seriously. Which is exactly how I feel every time I finish one. They’re like a reading bliss-splosion: intelligent plots, realistic and loveable characters, pitch-perfect pacing, and fabulously sweet romance. Even when the subject matter is a little dark and twisty, somehow I still come away feeling like the whole book was worthy of a rating system based on happy sighs instead of stars.

Split Second is absolutely no exception. A sequel to Pivot Point (my absolute favorite book I read last year), Split Second picks right back up with Addie’s story. Instead of telling it from her dual points of view, this time we get to hear from both Addie and Laila. I really enjoyed Laila’s voice, and the opportunity to allow her to redeem herself, a little, after the way things ended in the last book. I was so pleased by the return of Trevor, and the addition of Connor was absolutely fantastic. Those of you who hate love triangles have nothing to fear, here–just lots of good, old-fashioned flirting and falling.

There’s some really fun, mysterious, sometimes crazy plot development in Split Second, and I thoroughly enjoyed following each of West’s twists and turns as Addie and Laila’s stories came to fruition. I’m not one to try overly hard to figure things out ahead of time, but I am disappointed when I can see right through a plot. I definitely didn’t see everything coming in this one, which made it such a fun read!

I basically feel like I’m just fangirling at this point, so I’ll just say: go! Read it! You’ll love it, I promise. And if you haven’t read Pivot Point yet, pick up a copy of that one, too! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Super clean and full of awesome. 5 stars.

5 Stars

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