Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

OK, so: may I get this out of the way? Yes, Talking as Fast as I Can is a book about Gilmore Girls: the original series, the reboot, and a little bit of everything about her career before and in between. Think what you may about Hollywood tell-alls, this is not really what I expected. While Graham does share all kinds of her thoughts and tidbits about being on-set of Gilmore and Parenthood, she does so in an uplifting, down-to-earth way. She’s not here to dish on her costars. She’s happy to tell you what it’s like to be an actor and be a part of these shows and what her life is really like, but Graham is exactly the person she seems to be–quirky, self-deprecating, full of breathless tangents, and infused with adoration for everyone around her.

Also: Graham can write. I don’t know why it surprised me, but it did, and it bugged me that it did. Graham addresses that some, in the book, though she never puts her finger on the conclusion that I eventually came to: I didn’t expect her to be so well-educated. Uh, why? I have no idea. I always grant that actors have talent in spades, but education…that seems like it’s not necessarily part of the package. Remember when Natalie Portman went to Harvard? So yes, Lauren, we assume our actors are less intelligent than the rest of us. Don’t ask me why. I’m not sure it’s sexist, as she pontificates, but elitist? For sure. Regardless, Graham has a BA in English from Barnard, which is nothing to shake a stick at, and she writes engagingly. I want her to move in down the street so we can go to lunch. I’m pretty sure we would have been best buds in college.

The most valuable thing I gleaned from Lauren is her method for writing, some of which I think I’d figured out by instinct, but some of which is basically psychological genius and though I don’t believe in resolutions or the pressure of writing down goals, I will go so far as to say I think it is brilliant and maybe applies to a lot of things besides writing. (MAKE THE APPOINTMENT KEEP THE APPOINTMENT who cares what you write or even if you DO.)

I enjoyed every word of this book, and burned through it in about two days, which is fast for me in a period when I’ve been busy with other things.

4 stars. Totally clean read.

4 Stars

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