The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald

I am bummed. I asked for a copy of The Egg and I for Christmas, and highly anticipated reading it. I loved the 1947 film with Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray, and while I know most books and movies don’t follow each other exactly, I at least thought I’d be in for the same tone. No. Sadly, just…no.

I would have to say this book is somewhere in the realm of mildly amusing. Polite-grin-worthy. It is by no means hilarious, and not even really all that charming. I came away really disappointed. The only truly likeable characters are the Kettles, and they are far more harsh and brash in the book than the movie. I think I’ll stick with Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle from now on.

Clean? Yes – no surprise, considering the pre-WWII publish date.

2 stars.

2 Stars

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