The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I’m not even sure where to start with The Infinite Moment of Us. I liked this book, and I kind of really didn’t. I loved the characters–they’re beautifully written. I really enjoy Myracle’s voice. I totally get why she’s an acclaimed and bestselling author.

At the same time…why on earth are we marketing this as a young adult novel? It’s really really explicit. Recently, there’s been a big hubbub in my area about removing a certain YA novel from the reading list at public schools. I read that book, myself, a couple of years ago, and while there were a couple of parts I didn’t love, and I would definitely suggest my child read one of the other four books offered, I didn’t feel the need to jump on the banning bandwagon. (And let me just say, I’m not much for book banning in general. I’m more about parent involvement and screening.) This book? WAY MORE EXPLICIT. The stuff that’s happening in the book that’s causing a stir is so not anything compared to what’s going on here. If I thought The Color Purple made me blush…uh, this is worse.

Anyway. I just thought that should be out there. I kept reading, partly out of curiosity re: where things were going to go, plot-wise, and partly to see how crazy this book was going to get, sexually. It doesn’t get “crazy,” per se, but it’s a lot of detail that I didn’t feel like necessarily needed to be in print. It’s marketed to 13-18 year-olds, and I certainly don’t need my 13-year-olds reading it, I can tell you that. Being who we are, my 18-year-olds don’t need to, either. I’d be much happier if this had been tagged as New Adult, instead.

Anyway. The Infinite Moment is well-written, certainly, but I don’t think that redeems it. (It wraps really abruptly, though, which was just strange.) A bit of strong language, as well. Two stars.

2 Stars

About Lauren Myracle

Lauren Myracle is the author of numerous young adult novels. She was born in 1969 in North Carolina. Lauren Myracle holds an MA in English from Colorado State University and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. she has written many novels, including the famous IM books, ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r.

Her first novel, Kissing Kate, was selected as one of ALA’s “Best Books for Young Adults” for the year 2004. It was named by Booklist as one of the “Top Ten Youth Romances” of the year, as well as one of the “Top Ten Books by New Writers.” Her middle-grade novel, Eleven, came out 2004, followed by its YA sequels (Twelve, Thirteen, Thirteen Plus One).

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