This topic made me smile, because I was just making a mental list last night, as I fell asleep, of all the books I’ve added to my list because my girls have insisted I NEED to read them IMMEDIATELY (and, of course, they’ve been totally right)! So, without further ado, the Top Ten Books People Have Been Telling Me I MUST Read!


The Scorpio Races
I LOVE the response I got from last week’s TTT, and you guys were so overwhelming in your rec of this book! I had it on my TBR list because several of my friends had read and liked it, but my interest in it had waned, but after last week, I’m excited about it again! And you guys are REALLY INSISTENT that I will love it! :D Seriously, your comments and recs are the best. Thank you!

His Fair Assassin Series
I had these on my TBR list, but I keep hearing good things. Kristina at Gone Pecan (one of my fave book pushers) insists that I will love these, and also, “ASSASSIN NUNS!!” So they’re way up on my list, now.

Throne of Glass Series
I’m actually in the middle of these right now, due to major epic recs and #galsreadToG girls. I just finished Throne of Glass last night, and I read the novellas before that. Crown of Midnight, here I come!


The Lunar Chronicles
I can seriously hear people’s eyes boggle when I tell them I started Cinder and had to put it down and haven’t gotten around to picking it back up yet.  People LOVE these books, and I get it! I do! They sound really fun. I’ll get to them, eventually, I promise.

Out of the Easy
I put this on my list a couple of years ago, and just never got to it, but it must seem like a “me” book. People keep telling me they’re sure I’ll love it. I finally just bought the paperback when I was at the grocery store this weekend, and I’m excited to get to it soon!

Outlander Series
I honestly don’t know whether these books are for me, or not, but eeeeeveryone is shocked I haven’t read them. It makes me laugh, now that the Starz version is playing on TV and people are flailing over Jamie and “Sassenatch” and …I have no unearthly idea what they’re talking about! I’m planning on testing out the first one, at least, but I need to get some of these other books on the list out of the way first.

Something Strange and Deadly Series
I honestly hadn’t heard of these until I bumped into Susan Dennard online, and then I got interested. Now, it seems like everyone’s talking about them to me constantly, and I don’t know what rock I was living under! Must. read.


Graceling Realm Series
I keep hearing that I will *love* these because of the strong heroine. Gotta get around to reading them!

Anything by Victoria Schwab

I have The Archived on my Kindle! I just haven’t had time yet.

Fangirl, or anything by Rainbow Rowell
I adore Rainbow, and I want to read her books so much, but I started E&P and it had so much swearing! I just struggle with that, and as much as I want to read this, the language thing makes things so tricky! Everyone LOVES Fangirl, though, and it’s been recommended to me several times, so maybe I’ll pick it up from the library and see?

What do you think? Have you read any of these? Tell me what you think!

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and it is the most fun ever. 🙂 

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