Isn’t it ABOUT TIME I jumped in on Top Ten Tuesday? I mean, really??


This week’s topic, Books I’m Not Sure I Want to Read, is so perfect for how I’ve been feeling lately. I have such a huge TBR (who doesn’t), and the whole thing gets so overwhelming sometimes. The great thing about reading book blogs is that you get the inside scoop on whether books really are as great as they sounded when you added them to your list, months and months ago. And sometimes, as much as you want EVERY book to be SO AWESOME, you start to get the feeling that maybe that book you were excited about just is not going to be for you. Eep!

New Releases:


The Young World
Written by screenwriter/director Chris Weitz, this sounds dynamic and action-packed, and by all reports, it is: and really, graphically violent. Like, to the point that a lot of people were really uncomfortable with it. Also, kind of trite. Graphic = not for me, so I’ll be skipping this one, for sure.

A Little Something Different
I honestly can’t make up my mind about this one. The reviews are all over the place, but the thing that keeps popping up and making me leery is something along the lines of “way too many points of view, and it was confusing!” I’m just curious enough about it, though, that I may still read it. It seems like it might be cute?

 The Jewel
It looks beautiful, it sounds really cool, and then I keep hearing it’s mega-insta-love. Like, halfway through the book and we still don’t even have romance brewing. And maybe the worldbuilding is weird, depending on who you ask? Which I’m willing to investigate, but consistent reports of insta-love? Sigh.

Books I’ve Started and May Never Come Back To:


The Winner’s Curse
I knoooooowwwww–everyone loves this book! I started reading it in the evenings a few weeks ago, and I just could not get into it. The writing was not grabbing me at all, and I’m not sure why. I didn’t get much beyond about 30 pages. I want to love it, and I’m going to try again. Probably. Maybe?

Something Real
Again, I know! Everyone thinks this book is amazing! I don’t know if I just wasn’t in the mood, or what, but I couldn’t even really get started, here. I didn’t really even give it a chance. No idea what happened here.

I’ve read the rest of the Glow series and liked it, and I feel like I should really find out how it ends. And hey, it would help with my 2014 Series Challenge! I just haven’t really felt driven to read it. I picked Flame up from the library, got about 10 pages in, got distracted by another book, and quit. Maybe someday? But also: maybe on my Kindle, because the font on this book is SO FREAKING TINY and it makes it hard for me to concentrate. I have no idea why this bugs me so much, but omgosh it makes it so that there are a million words/page, and for some reason that messes with my head!

Books from Deep Down on my TBR:



 The Light Between Oceans
I like heavy, adult-geared reads. This one was THE Goodreads Choice 2012 winner. It’s been on my list for three years, and maybe that’s the kiss of death right there? Add in the fact that my mom read it and said it was “…ok?” and that’s probably enough for me to abandon it.

The Scorpio Races
It’s really dumb that I’ve never read any Maggie Stiefvater. This one’s won nine-bazillionty awards, and a whole bunch of my friends loved it. But for some reason, every time I look at my TBR, I just kind of gloss over this one. Is it that I’m not really a horse person? I don’t know. What’s my deal?? *shrug?*

Across the Universe
I feel like I’d really like Beth Revis’ books. Again, this one’s got a kajillion awards, and I like sci-fi. The synopsis appeals to me. The cover’s gorgeous! Why haven’t I read this book yet?? I don’t know. But I still haven’t. Mental block? I don’t know whether I’ll ever get around to it.

Finnikin of the Rock
Again: stupid. I adored Jellicoe Road, but I guess there’s something in the back of my brain that screams, “DANGER, WILL RODGERS: FANTASY!!” every time I see this cover. I’m working my way into fantasy novels, slowly, but even though I loved Marchetta’s contemporary, I’m struggling to jump over that chasm between the genres. It’s super stupid. But it’s been a WHILE now, and I still haven’t gotten over it. My brain’s all:


What do you think? Have you read any of these? Am I totally misguided? Should I get over it and just read some of these books NOW? Tell me what you think!


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and it is the most fun ever. 🙂 

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